Thursday, November 3, 2011

A PHOTO TOUR of The Haunted Garden!

Thanks to everyone who visited The Haunted Garden 2011! This year was an absolute blast and I am thrilled so many attended and enjoyed it! This was the biggest deal for me this year. I have discovered a true passion for designing Haunted Houses and i am now starting to explore a professional path down that road. I would like to personally thank Donna Kerr & The Pure Energy Team for giving me the opportunity and vehicle to create something so special. I love you guys. You mean the world to me. Thank you to Paula Trotta, Jenn Clark, Cara Hunt (Pure Energy CREW), Peter Cook and Rob Fitz-William for their amazing acting abilities in The Haunted Woods, Lewis Temple of PDC Systems for his spectacular production crew, Dan Arndt & Atmosphere Lighting, Kathy Jentz & SilverSpringPatch, The Washington Post & News Channel 8 for the MAD publicity, The Montgomery County Police & Fire Department, and most of all OUR FANS FOR COMING OUT!! 

Below is a photo TOUR of this year's Haunted Garden. Please LEAVE ME YOUR COMMENTS and tell me which exhibits were your favorite! Stay tuned for THE MAKING OF THE HAUNTED GARDEN and check back next year to find out when and where The Haunted Garden 2012 will take place! 


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  1. I just stumbled across your "web"site and I think you are friggin awesome Halloween is my fav also I am 53 and I had a blast with my kids over the years now a empty nester and a new adventure with 6 grandbabies you opened new possibilities for so much awesome fun and a new generation of Halloween lovers thank you so such