Saturday, January 21, 2012

{Don't forget to stop......}

Today is a day i begin a new tradition for myself. To take a photo - capturing a moment, a simple, special moment that makes me stop and appreciate my surroundings, my family, my life. A year ago this week, i moved here, to this place, to stop the stress in my life; to slow down.Yet i still find myself in old habits. Rushing from one task to the next, worrying about doing the dishes or cleaning the floors or the meltdown my 5 year old is having. I continue to tell myself to relax, Rania. Take it easy. It doesn't matter if the dog hair on the couch is there for another day. It doesn't matter if Tanner just tracked mud on to the floors even though you just spent 5 hours cleaning them. Take a breather. Go play. Hard life, i know. But after 1 year, i am still adjusting to not having an important job with clients that depend on me or deadlines with artwork needed for a mailing or 6 phone calls to return, all before i rush to sit in traffic. Anxiety becomes a habit. Rushing to finish tasks becomes normal. I started this blog to change my life and have yet to take my own advice. So, I would like to thank Amanda Blake Soule from for reminding me of these things from her book - The Rhythm of Family: Discovering a Sense of Wonder Through The Seasons.  So in tribute to Amanda and her weekly {In This Moment} post, i am slowing down, and reminding myself to not forget to stop and eat the roses. Thanks, Amanda. You are inspirational.