Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have been kidnapped......

...............................by a zombie movie. Yes. A Zombie Movie. Because my friends and I are all insane. And also awesome. 
One day, my good friend, Cordain came over and we were walking the property that is this amazing farm and i said..."Hey dude. We should make a zombie movie. This place is perfect." His eyes lit up and the next thing i know, we are an organized group with 68 members and growing. 
We have been training on the weekends. Who knew all my friends carried a small arsenal for a zombie killing army? I didn't. This is just a glimpse into the array of zombie killing awesomeness that we have been playing with. Oh and i am now completely addicted to shooting guns. 2 months ago, i was shaking in my boots at my first encounter with a 12 gauge shotgun. Now i want to fire anything i can get my little hands on.
That is Cordain Lucas, my very good friend, and the producer and director of the film. 
That is his bad ass wife shooting a gun for the first time. 
This is from our first photo shoot. This is 3 of the 5 principle cast members. {From left} Craig Peet, Rania Peet {me} and Andrew Holt. 
Also starring Jennifer Clark {left}
and Jason Pyre Tails 
This is our brilliant and amazing writer Danny O'Doyle Davidson.
So excuse my absence from the world of blogging while i blow some shit up & prepare for my first ever role in a movie. We are filming in the end of March and beginning of April 2012. Movie to be released hopefully in May 2012. 
.........................................until then