Thursday, June 13, 2013

Midwest Haunters Convention - The Video

Midwest Haunters Convention

Just got back from a road trip to the Midwest Haunters Convention. If you do not know what that is, well let me tell you. It is a 3 day adventure to Columbus Ohio - filled with thousands of Halloween like-minded people, haunt professionals, artisans, actors, designers, and enthusiasts. There are bus tours to prop studios, haunted attractions, a tradeshow filled with goodies you have never seen before and so much more. Choose from a plethora of education seminars and workshops and end it all with a Masquerade Ball like no other. I was able to meet up with some wonderful new friends, get educated on a variety of topics and basically have the time of my freaking life!!!!

My amazing new friends from the Haunters Hangout collective. From left: Jwal, Deoblo85, me(Rania Peet), my husband Craig and Scuba Spook. If you are a home haunter, these guys put on a live talk show every Thursday called Haunters Hangout. Check them out to either be on the show or watch the many talented folks they bring on. They do a wonderful service bringing the haunt community together to share ideas and inspirations. 
Unit 70 Studios was the first stop on the Friday Night Bus Tour. They opened their 2 big warehouses full of custom built AMAZING props to the public. It was awe inspiring!
Next stop was Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres Haunted Attraction. Rated #1 by HauntWorld Magazine 2011, it certainly lived up to its reputation. They did not allow cameras inside the attraction, but it took over an hour to walk through and was simply  THE BEST HAUNT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE!!!! GO THERE!

The Tradseshow Floor was chock full of goodies. I spent most of my money on cds from Midnight Syndicate and Audio Zombie (the guy who produced the opening track for American Horror Story). I was so honored to meet such talented artists!
The Masquerade Ball was filled with so many amazing costumes! I had to take a pose with one of my favorites of the evening. The thing that scares me the most!
Till Next Year!