Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Journey To Haunted Overload

The morning after The Haunted Garden closed, I packed my bags and quickly flew to visit my favorite haunted attraction -  Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire. The owners knew I was a huge fan and let me spend the weekend with my camera in hand for an up close look. It was a dream come true for me. If you know me, then you know how much I love building big props. Well it is because of these guys that I do what I do, so being able to visit my idols and get a behind the scenes tour was truly life changing. Haunted Overload is like no other haunted attraction out there. Its style is so unique and  their giant monsters are larger than you could possibly imagine. I never knew what a real, classic New England haunt was supposed to look and feel like until i experienced this magical one of a kind fantasy world. I spent an entire day in the freezing cold, walking through the haunt to do this photo shoot. It was an incredible personal experience and I must share this with the world. I do hope you enjoy!
The minute I arrived to see this at the entrance to the farm, I had butterflies in my stomach. I had been dreaming of this for some time.
The team builds gigantic structures out of freshly milled wood. You walk through these incredible beasts and when you come out the other end.....well....I'll let you see.....
This is an older creature but still effective in that sort of  "HOLYSHIT there is a 35' monster above me" kind of way. Just amazing in person.
At this point, you are still just at the entrance to the haunt. If it were nighttime, you would still be in line waiting to get in. Eye candy everywhere.
You turn the corner to be simply amazed by their newest and greatest creations yet.
The giant skull is roughly 35'-40' ft in height. That is me and Donna in the eye socket so you get a sense of scale. It was pretty incredible climbing inside the thing.
Once you pass the giant skull, you are officially on the trail. These beauties were hand carved by Eric Lowther, using nothing but a chainsaw. The man is a genius.
Everything is hand carved to perfection.
This little village, was one of my favorite areas. It reminded me of Resident Evil 4, which is my favorite video game of all time. To build houses from scratch, using freshly milled wood and then created to look weathered as if they had been there for 100's of years, is just pure awesomeness. 
Another giant build. That is Donna in the eye.
This is from inside the head. 
If you know Haunted Overload, then you probably recognize this shed. It goes all the way back to Eric's home haunt.
Details details everywhere.
EVERYTHING is handmade. 
This was the bodybag tunnel. The slats of wood created an eerie effect.
The view as I peeked through the wooden slats.
The creatures of the Graveyard. 
The train yard was another one of my favorites.
Amazing entrances.
Beautiful tunnels.
The Witch Burning display
The sunlight was perfect that day. I was in heaven.
I could see the famous clown as I was making my way. You could tell it was big.
But man, was it BIG in person. 
They even built this amazing entry to their House of Fun in perfect harmony with the clown itself - distressed black and white stripes on wood.
A perfectly distressed sign. Such greatness.
Night was upon us and I had the opportunity to hang with some of the actors as they prepared to scare the patrons. I was in the make up room of Haunted Overload! HOLY AMAZING! That is Kyle Arruda and he is just awesome.
I took a  few night shots, but I decided to put my camera down and go enjoy the haunt in its perfect light. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I am returning at the end of this year to help them build and prepare for the Legendary Haunt Tour Nov 7th. I'm sure to take photographs and video again, so do come back for my annual Haunted Overload Eye Candy Extravaganza. I made a short film of my journey as well. You can check that out below.

To learn more about Haunted Overload, visit or visit them on Facebook at

Thank you so much Eric Lowther, Wallace Valley, Tom Sadowski, Kyle Arruda, Sue Lowther and the rest of the amazing crew that took me in for a one of a kind, life changing experience. You guys are rock stars.

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  1. Haunted Overload gave my party much more than they bargained for, a recipe for Lime disease...That place is crawling with TICS!