Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dreamscape Festival 2016

 Back once again with the ill behavior that was DREAMSCAPE FESTIVAL 2016. This year I took on more than ever before with this venue -  including my first main stage design, The City of Dreams.

This was a fairly large undertaking. I started concept for this during the winter with digital drawings that then had to sync with a laser show and lighting design. We knew we wanted a magical city, one with illuminated skyscrapers.
 I decided to build the towers out of extruded polystyrene sheets. They come in 4x8 panels that got cut in half. Each 2x8 panel had 120 individually cut squares. I attempted to cut this by hand first until i realized i was insane.
 These were then sent to a friend with a cnc machine for precision cutting.
  I then cut the tops to create the skyline design. 
 After all was cut, everything was then painted with a sprayer and about 5 gallons of flat black paint. After the paint was dry, I then adhered white spandex to the back of each panel using spray adhesive for foam. I do not have pictures of this part of the process but it was fairly straightforward. To create the window effect, I used hundreds of individually cut pieces of black felt. Some of the windows were spray painted as we were testing out different ways to create the effect. The felt was the easiest and best way to create the windows, but having a variety of different methods created a different shadow detail, giving it more depth in the end.
Once fabric was done, we then framed each vertical side with 1x2s, adhering with liquid nails for foamboard. Then pressed together for 24 hours to dry.
 Once on site, the panels were then squared together for a 3d effect using L brackets down the middle. We created a game plan the night before the truss arrived and then removed everything for the following morning truss install.
After careful measuring, truss was placed and the l.e.d. star curtain went up.
Main center light rig going up.
After programming from the lighting and laser crews, and the final cloud installation, we were ready to open doors. 
The Poseidon Playground stage was a side stage at the pool. I made some custom tridents and provided some giant inflatable jellies.
 The main thoroughfare this year was Wonderland Tea Party inspired. I had some custom inflatable bunnies made overseas. 
 18-feet tall, all white with led lighting. They were set with about 70 tall skinny, custom sewn red flags in the big field of the festival.
L.e.d. tunnel was back with fully programmable leds. This one will be a work in progress as we continue to upgrade this over the next year, thanks to the Crescent Rolls Source Syndicate crew.
Another successful festival with the BadAssRaves family. We had some crazy weather but it didn't stop us from working our asses off. Thanks to my amazing crew this year. Couldn't do it without you guys. Up next is Big Dub Festival for another round of epic festival shenanigans. 'Till next time.

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