I'm not a professional photographer and have only the basic gear. I have much to learn and plenty of gear to buy but I'm getting started, slowly but surely. The visual world amazes me on every level. I see beauty in everything, everywhere. I often wish i could record everything in an instant through my eyes. Every time i see a sunset or a sunrise as I am waking in the morning, or my dog as he scratches his back in the grass, my son being a boy, the sea melting my heart, a storm high above, the motion of nature while i drive down a long country road - whatever it is, that fills my heart and makes me smile, I have a strong desire to capture it and share it for whoever wants to see. A picture stays with you, gives you a memory you otherwise would have forgotten; a simple moment in time that tells a bigger story, even if there was no story to tell.

Below is a collection of my favorite photographs that I have taken over the last couple years. I will continually add as my photography journey continues. Click photos for more.

October Fog on the farm
A Bridge over the Potomac

Sunset in Ocracoke
This was a 20 second exposure of a storm passing by in Cedar Island, NC during the sunset.

Me and my family taking a stroll along a deserted beach.
Nothing but sea and sky through the window of a ferry boat.
Riding the ferry. 
This is the last road in Cape Hatteras National Seashore.