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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Baby! A Baby Shower Design

This is the only baby shower i have ever done. It was for my very good friend, Donna. It was a total hit! I love black, white and pink as a color palette. And i love to go outside the traditional.
First i created an Oh Baby SIGN for the event.
4'x8'  1/4" plywood
Mouse sander
White semi-gloss latex paint
Metallic silver spray paint
Spray adhesive
Silver sprinkle glitter
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Scotch tape
Hot pink feather boa

1. With Microsoft Publisher (although other programs can also work) , i first printed each individual letter in the Curlz font on 8.5 x11 paper. This program allows you to tile. So basically, some of the letters extended over the page dimensions. Print the top and bottom or left and right of the letter depending on how it is sized. Then, cut the edges so they overlap, then tape together  - creating the letter in full. Once you have all the letters, then simply cut each one down to its perfect edges.
2. Place the letters on top of your plywood. Try to only use half of the sheet of plywood, as you will need the other half for the backer. It's best to tape the paper letters down with scotch tape so you don't lose your setting. Trace the letters onto plywood with Sharpie. Then cut each individual letter using a jigsaw.
3. Once you have all the letters cut into wood, place them on the other half of the plywood in the way you want them finally set. Then freehand trace the outer frame. Remove letters, cut plywood to shape.
4. Take a mouse sander and sand all edges of letters and backer board.
5. Paint backer shape with White semi-gloss latex paint. (2 coats). Paint letters with Silver Metallic Spray paint. (1 coat should do). Make sure to always paint edges. The spray paint will dry faster, so while backer board 2nd coat is drying, start glittering. 
6. Spray adhesive the front and sides of letters. Only do one letter at a time as the spray adhesive dries very quickly. Infact, sometimes, depending on the size of the letter, only spray half of the letter. Immediately sprinkle glitter evenly. Let each letter dry about 10 minutes. Pick up each letter and gently hit the bottom edge to your work table to let the loose glitter off. Repeat the glitter process. You want the letters to be fully covered. 1 coat will not do.
7. Once all is dry and glittered, place letters on backerboard. With hot glue, or crazy glue - promptly glue letters to backer board.
8. Glue feather boa to edge.
9. If hanging, drill 2 holes in the top and hang using some kind of nylon line. If you want the line to be invisible, use fishing line. Strong and see through.
Next are the Oh Baby PARTY FAVORS for the guests.

Lindt Chili Chocolate Bars
Wax Paper
Printed custom graphic on paper
Ribbons in various colors and patterns
Baby charm
Hot glue
Baby feet stickers

1. I honestly can't remember how many chocolate bars to buy. It really depends on the number of guests. For each chocolate bar, break them down into smaller pieces. The picture should help you figure out the size. 
2. The hardest part of this process, is the custom graphic. I suppose you would need some sort of graphic design experience. Using Adobe Illustrator, i downloaded an eps.file from I'm sure there are other options to make this happen.
3. Then, using the Curlz font, i typed "Oh" to the left of the flowers.
4.The size for the favors will probably be somewhat different than the actual printout. I cropped the image and then tiled this graphic on an 8.5 x 11 image size so i could print multiples on one piece of paper. Anyway, cut the graphics to size that will work for the party favors. Sorry i dont have actual measurements. I did this some time ago and dont know exactly what i did. It's best to have a paper cutter to make this a speedier process.

*Note - The invite to the event can be done by using the same graphic as the wrapper. Just type, "Oh, Baby" onto the graphic, save as approved file, and then upload to your favorite event site like www.evite.comYou can even do thank you cards that say - "Thanks Baby!"

{ok back to party favors:}
5. It's best to have a party favor making station out in front of you. As you can see, i had the chocolate pieces each in their own cut wax paper, the graphic wrapper, a small bowl of the "Baby" charms, the baby feet stickers (for the back of the wrapper), and the ribbons.
6. First wrap the chocolates in the wax, with folds on the side - fully wrapping the chocolate, like a present. Then wrap again with the graphic wrapper. This should be a tri-fold and the edges should be about an inch from the sides. Close at the back with the baby foot sticker. If the sticker sucks, just glue that sucker.

7. The ribbons can be anything of your choosing. I chose to buy black, pink polka dotted and green polka dotted. I cut them to size so i could wrap them around the favor.
8. I used 2 ribbons for each favor - with the black being behind the colored polka dotted ribbon (for contrast). Before finally tying the bow, slip the Baby charm through one of the ribbons, then tie a bow. You may have to adjust so it falls just right.

9. Place in a bowl for guests to take. And voila! A huge hit!
The Food
Obviously there are lots of options for what food and drink to serve. We chose to serve M&M topped cupcakes to go with the polka dotted theme, chocolate covered strawberries, shrimp, asparagus, crab dip, cosmos (because alcohol at a baby shower is crucial) and other various appetizers.