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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nightmare Festival 2015

Well Nightmare 2015 was a success! This was my second year hosting the outside grounds between stages as a Halloween EDM festival. My team and I brought The Night Circus back as well as an all new collection of handmade scarecrows and a fresh take on the L.E.D. Tunnel. The Freak Show was revisited and this year we worked with the amazing talents of Electrocute who brought fire breathing and contortionist sideshows to our all new shadowbox stage area. The patrons had a blast and the reviews are coming in! 
" Simply wandering the campground was enough to appreciate Badass Raves’ attention to detail as the Halloween-themed visuals in areas like the Haunted Garden exhibited skilled craftsmanship and were effective in creating an immersive experience for campers. " - The Festivall

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Night Circus Ticket Booth

The Haunted Garden is venturing out and doing a big exhibit at The Nightmare Festival for the 2014 season. We decided to turn one of the large areas into a Night Circus Theme. This is the first prop so far. Check back over the next couple months for our progress. We will be building a life size Jack in The box, a Kissing Booth, a Spinning Wheel of Death and more!