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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I can now say that i have fulfilled a life long dream.
 I am a chicken owner.
Never did i think i would love them the way i do though. 
They are beyond awesome. 
From their litte chirps to their poo.....
I bought 6....sadly though, i am down to 3. One just died for who knows why and well, the other 2?
EVIL #$*&! DOGS.  
I have gotten smarter though. And alas, my 3 prize chickypoos are doing well.

I got them right before Easter and because i am the most awesome mom EVER, i put them in my son's easter basket. 
His joy was overwhelming.
Here is a little photo montage i have put together to show the timeline of their amazing growth spurt. Every day, they change a little. Its quite fascinating! 

This could possibly be when the evil dogs were running towards them in a wrath of fury:

And fast forward to now:

Stay tuned as i will continue to follow their progression and provide some "personal experience" chicken advice and some not so good advice [like leaving them for 1 minute while your evil dogs attack}, as well as a revamped chicken coop design.