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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Big Dub Festival & A Pirate Ship

We made some changes to the ship this year, with an all new mast and sail, new railings, a treasure chest and even a shiny new anchor! This project is always my favorite. We build it for my dear friends over at Re;magine who curate this stage musically for Big Dub Festival. Held in the summer each year at Four Quarters Farm in Pennsylvania, and the fan favorite for music stages.

Made some new burlap flags, ripped and distressed for an authentic Pirates of the Caribbean feel. The skull is the logo from the Re:magine Pirate radio show so we could properly represent the stage. 
 The new mast is made from pvc and wood with a pully system for easy installation. The sails were made from canvas drop cloths. I gave them a bit of distressing using spray paint. Attached the rope ladder, skelly and top flag and we were done! The height reached 26ft in total.

We even had a fog machine going to the canons this year but I wasn't able to get a picture. Next year, I promise!
 We used H20 special fx lighting to create water effects which gave it a realistic ocean vibe. 
The treasure chest was filled with fake gold coins, skulls, plastic gems and starfish. We rigged a little red light inside so it glowed in the evenings.
The giant compass and tentacles were back of course. These tentacles are inflatables made from a durable pvc fabric and always a wonderful addition to the area.
Who knows what we will conjure up next year but I'm sure it will only keep growing bigger and better!
 The Big Dub sign got a little love to match the new graphics this year and of course the giant mushrooms made an appearance but I was super excited to see the giant Kikiwawa!I came up with the idea to get a custom giant inflatable of him made. He turned out amazing! This big loveable guy has been the festival mascot in all the digital fliers for many years and it was a lot of fun to see him finally come to life. Another year of awesomeness in the books. Till next year Dubbers!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Welcome to Pandora - a Borderlands theme

My good friends at Re:magine hosted a Borderlands party titled Welcome to Pandora. This was a super secret warehouse rave with a map point, just like the old days. When they asked me to transform the venue, I had never even played the game, so I got busy on my Xbox and fully engulfed myself in the Borderlands environment. It turned out to become one of my favorite games of all time. If you know Borderlands, than you know how cool this challenge could be. I had a small room to fully transform into that one of a kind cell shaded Pandora environment, so I bought an absurd amount of spray paint, canvas drop cloths and all the Sharpies in my entire city.
 First things to make were the flags that hang throughout the game. They are present in almost every environment. This was done using duck cloth and canvas drop cloths from Home depot, cut up into triangles and then cut even more to reflect their exact design. Sharpie is used to create the cell shading.
This is a replica of one of the distressed hanging doors in many of the areas in the game. Made from canvas drop cloth, spray painted with yellow, beige  and browns for added effect.
Now if there is one thing that makes Borderlands unique, it is all the graphic design behind the gun manufacturers. In Borderlands 2, there are 8 gun brands, all with their own look, text and color. I love making signs, so I decided to recreate these logos to hang overhead at the venue. 
In order to get these to scale and exact, I used my projector so I could trace the lettering directly on to my canvas. Tediore not pictured below.
The only other thing we needed to bring the environment to life were some hand drawn wall panels. I bought a roll of brown paper from Home Depot and a ton of spray paint. My good friends Addy and Lindsay cranked out 8 eight-foot panels in a matter of days. 
 Using, led uplights, the effect turned out great! It felt like we were in the game.
I also had to have those giant light up arrows throughout the game. So we created them using wood, paint and marquee lights.
Some shots just before doors opened.
And of course you can't have a Borderlands party without a Borderlands logo. We hung this right above the dj booth.
I used the Vladof as the backdrop to recreate the feeling of the graphic they use when introducing new characters. Hence the reason for it being the biggest banner. 

Vault Hunters only banner for the secret entrance where once through, the party raged on until 7am.